writing in class cus boredom
February 27th, 2024, 12:28pm CST

good noon. today the juniors are taking the ACT, and im sat here in fifth period by myself because the rest of my classmates are juniors. its been the same for third and fourth period so i haven't been doing much this day. i'm in two game courses as well so it's prob gonna be gaming the rest of the day here. remember kids: school is important and not a waste of time :P

streamlining the process
February 17th, 2024, 7:11pm CST

valorous eve' friends. i've gotten the neocities cli and an ide setup to do this quicker than before. yippie!! it has otherwise been an uneventful day. biggest highlight was getting a long-awaited package. very cold today as well. very fun!

i,m gonna go insan e
February 15th, 2024, 7:28pm CST

good evening. my half brother is here for the next few days. im gonna go crazy. pleas helpd me before i go ohio skibidi. anyway i've been doing nothing constructive for the past few days, besides for some small site updates. ok bye bye

two-day streak, lets keep this train rollin'
February 14th, 2024, 5:24pm CST

happy valentines day folks. i got chocolates, pens, and a kazoo. for those not in the know, i've been working on a dumb visual novel. just gotta wait for my friends contribution to it. thats about it for today.

gonna try this again.
February 13th, 2024, 8:13pm CST

good evening. i think i'm gonna try to maintain a blog again. probs write about serious things since i dont really have an outlet to do so. maybe share some insights on stuff i'm doing.