Highway Through a Really Hot Place v1.1
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Highway Through a Really Hot Place is a small five-course parkour/find-the-button map themed on different states.
You decide to move to Arizona when a heatwave kicks in. You try to survive there for a bit until your house catches on fire!
So, you go on a quest to get to the coldest place in the world: New Jersey (the End).
Can you make it there alive?

This map was created by me alone based on a map of the same name that me and my friends made for a game design class.
It's not that great but maybe you'll have a fun time.
It has five levels each with a different theme.
Arizona: fire and lava
Wyoming: pitch black maze
Ohio: zombie wasteland
Florida: risen sea level and Florida men
New Jersey: the gay void

It's very short and not that hard. You could probably beat it in 10 minutes or less.
Made for Minecraft: Java Edition 1.20.
Created in 2022 and published July 25th, 2023.
Copyleft (ↄ) 2022-2172 syrupnx.
Licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0.

More screenshots:

Update 1.1
Friday, July 28th, 2023

Version 1.1 - the actual production version
* Fixed the scoreboard already being at 1 death
* Fixed some doors being open
To explain those two fixes, i playtested the map and must have uploaded that one instead of the public one. oops
+ Added hidden rainbows and trans flags. can you find them all?
+ Added some gay signs in New Jersey
To explain those two additions, this guy made a video on my map and when i looked at his profile he had far-right nonsense and homophobic/transphobic remarks LMAO
* Changed the description of the map to better reflect the kind of map this is

Release 1.0
Tuesday, July 25th, 2023

Version 1.0 - the release
The initial release of the map.
It's the playtested version so there is some residue left behind.
Play 1.1 instead.
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